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sorry about the text post spam about rona

I’m just super excited about her character and I’m probably going to be drawing her a lot more.

feel free to ask me questions about her

rona would slowly adjust to living among shems, falling in love with the clothes

she would totally hang with vivienne to talk about clothes

she would love learning military statics with cullen

have fun listening to varric’s many stories, not bothering to care if they were true or not

being a little weirded out that solas can enter the fade the way he does and often avoiding him in the skyhold

also being awkward around cole but slowly finding him really interesting. she often thinks of cutting his hair or braiding it back

liking to just spend some girl’s time with sera, reminding her of being with other elven women in her clan even if sera is the furthest thing from a dalish elf

being intimidated by iron bull’s size and often asking if he’d carry her when her feet get sore. she gets a bit overdramatic with this. “I can’t go on, Iron Bull! Leave me behind!” and peaking at him with a smile, waiting for him to lift her up.

asking blackwall about the wardens and his thoughts on the hero of ferelden, how her actions were thought of by the grey wardens and wondering if she’ll be a legend or a scapegoat for all the bad things that have gone wrong

being a little bit fearful of cassandra at first but finding out she’s just a bit sweetie as well

talking with lelianna about surana and asking for relationship advice with the fellow advisor

josephine advising rona on how to be a little more diplomatic and the elf just day dreaming about cullen

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rona lavellan being extremely sad and scared walking out of the fade, despite being a mage

rona blushing when she sees cullen for the first time

rona spending time with cullen in the war room, enjoying learning about military tactics with him

rona learning that being in charge of the inquisition isn’t a responisbility too big for her

rona thinking back to when it all began for her and remembering the clan members that were with her at the chantry

cullen catching rona crying in a closet (she wants to look strong in front of everyone) and holding her while she gets it out of her system

lelianna noticing walking by the closet and noticing the both of them asleep in each others arms and reminded her of her own elven mage lover and smiling

I really enjoyed drawing Rona :D

(the last three are my favorite filters used on the original, which is at the top)

I can’t decide which skin color I want for Rona. I really liked the lightest skin version, but the second darkest skin one also looks super cute.

I just can’t decide :I

Okay, this isn’t art, I just want to talk about Rona Lavellan :D

Since the elf inquisitor is Dalish, she’s going to believe in the Creators, but she leans a bit more agnostic. If people talk about the Maker or Andrastate, she’d be like “yeah that’s cool” but she’d only know about as much from that religion from her companions and what she hears. If she’s with her own people and they start talking about the Creators, she’d be more knowledgeable about what they’re talking about, but she wouldn’t put too much of her mental energy on what will happen if she dies. Facing death a lot in battle, Rona puts her faith on the back burner but thinks about it occasionally, when it’s connected to other memories.

She openly cares for everyone and is a little shy around people she likes. Though she’s a mage, she’s really scared about the green glow on her hand. She’s not a big fan of templars when everything starts, but slowly comes to understanding them and their purpose, as they remind her of her people, how the clan would have to kill their own Keep if they were to be possessed. However, she’s more sympathetic to the mage situation, being under lock and key. At least the Dalish were free to roam. Still, she understands the Templars were a necessary evil that just gained more power than they should’ve.

She’s a more front line, offensive mage, but understands the uses of diplomacy and secrecy. She also understands that diplomacy is weakened without a good military to back it. She loves to learn about strategy and being in charge of the Inquisition is fun. Well, it’d be fun if the world wasn’t at stake. She’s aware that she probably wouldn’t have had this chance if she was still with her people, but she wouldn’t want her people to change either so she’s often conflicted of going back to her people, her family, after everything is done, or staying. If she’s still alive.

Inquisitor Ask Meme


  1. What color best represents them?
  2. If they were an animal, which would they be?
  3. Which music genre would best describe your Inquisitor?
  4. What season reflects their personality best?
  5. If your Inquisitor was a force of nature, what kind would they be? (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)

weee I’m like 80% done and I’m really happy about how this is coming out
I still need to think of a name for her, though :I
I’m thinking Rona?

weee I’m like 80% done and I’m really happy about how this is coming out

I still need to think of a name for her, though :I

I’m thinking Rona?

working on my lavellan :D

working on my lavellan :D

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