The first thing you have to know about me is that I'm a korrasami shipper. The second thing: my blog is a mix between funny, cute, anime, TV shows, and video games. I love games like Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Skyrim. I also like to giggle a lot about things and complain a lot about my life.

All in all, I think I'm about as average as a blog can be.

Your answer is important to me

Who/what do you ship me with?

  1. wildllama answered: Korrasami
  2. whenrosesdie answered: SHEPARD.
  3. mundanearsonist answered: Your hand.
  4. steynedhearts answered: The elongated smurf girl from Avatar
  5. arasego answered: I say Merida, from Brave? Go redheads ^^
  6. well-behaved-women answered: You seem so sweet but shy. So I ship you with someone a bit more outgoing and brash. A Marceline-type.
  7. alizlovegood answered: I ship you with mi feelings for Korrasami (?)
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